New Home for Qualitative Research in Education

Greetings!  Welcome to the new home for Qualitative Research in Education — a website first established way  back on January 25, 1998.  Access to materials from the original site will be available through this blog, along with periodic updates on qualitative research-related news, projects, resources and events. My primary goal is to steer visitors toward many of the excellent sites already available in print and on the Internet. The blog will attend to qualitative research in education, and other fields (psychology, health sciences, and the social sciences).

I am grateful to the WordPress elves, who make it possible for folks like me to share timely information with interested others.  And thanks, as well, to all of the many teachers, colleagues and students who have helped me learn about qualitative research methods over the years.  There is so much to learn about this exciting enterprise called qualitative research.  Enjoy the adventure!  — Ed Prof


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